How To Create A Healthy Self-Care Regimen

During this unprecedented, seemingly tumultuous, mandated quarantine, we are graciously bestowed the gift of time. With all of the components and extremities that have plagued the routines of our everyday lives out of the equation, we are forced into solitude and introspection. When utilized properly, with a clear mind, we can see how this extraneous circumstance has offered us a chance to recalibrate our mundane routines.

Now is the perfect time to create a routine or daily habit that encourages spiritual growth and acceptance. There are many ways that we can tune into one's spiritual nature. However, we must also accept and respect the other aspects of self: the physical, and mental faculties. Look at the chart below for suggestions on how to maintain, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health; also known as: SELF CARE.

The holistic nature of human beings must be considered when developing a self-care routine. Notice that although there are different categories under the self-care scope, that they intertwine, mingle and correlate with one another. For an example, getting enough sleep (quality and quantity) greatly impacts physical health which, in turn, effects mental and spiritual components. Research suggests that it takes 21 days to break a habit and 28 days to form a new one. Consistency is key. Choose a few feasible items from these lists that you can incorporate into your daily routine, or come up with your own. Create a schedule for yourself. Allocate time for leisure and a time for study; a time for meditation/ silence and a time for entertainment.

I have attached the link of some tools that can help you achieve optimum health in every category of self care. As always, we will rely on the trusted vendor: Amazon.

Nutritional Cookbook

Aromatic Diffuser

Meditation Music -- Nature Sounds

Affirmation Journal

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